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Hands up if you are a tobacco smoker and have tried (and failed) to quit in the past? Blooming difficult isn’t it? Even those who have beaten the habit will remember how difficult it was however we’re sure they are very glad they persevered. There are many, MANY reason to give up smoking, not least the long list of chemicals that tobacco cigarettes contain, including forty-three known carcinogenic chemicals (cancer causing) and thousands of toxins. Knowing this (and being fed up of the high cost of tobacco cigs) is one of the main reasons for smokers to want to give up. Wanting to doesn’t necessarily make it happen overnight though which is where e cigarettes come in. Researchers have shown that the addiction to cigarettes is two-fold, firstly the nicotine contained within cigarettes is an addictive substance and secondly, the actions and the habit of smoking itself is something smokers struggle to do without. It is because of these reasons that many are turning to e cigs as a way to enjoy a cleaner smoke and to help them beat their tobacco cigarette habit. First we must be clear, e cigarettes are not designed, nor are they marketed as smoking.

Vaping and Your Responsibilities

Tobacco cigarette smokers have, in a number of ways, seemed to have gained a rather unsavoury reputation, or rather the habit itself has. There are many reason for this, some coming down to the health implications of being a smoker, others being connected to unsociable behaviour such as cigarette butt littering. While of course is it wrong to “tar” all smokers with the same brush it does happen. While vapers have may advantages over tobacco smokers with regards to what is considered socially-acceptable behaviour this doesn’t mean that we can afford to be irresponsible when vaping, otherwise public perception could very well turn which would have a negative effect on how vapers are perceived. That said use e smokers also need to smoke responsibly because it is the grown up and “right thing to do”. If you want to know how to be on your best behaviour when vaping in order to avoid personal hassle and to avoid annoying others while painting a poor picture of vaping altogether, keep reading. Why is Conscious Vaping Important? Conscious vaping basically means being aware of what you’re doing, where you’re doing it and the effect it may have on others. You might be.

Top Tips for Vaping Newbies

If you’ve already switched from “traditional” smoking to vaping, well done! There’s no doubt that it’s a positive mood and you’ll soon be seeing how much better your e smoking hobby has become. Switching over from tobacco smoking to electronic cigs can take a little adjustment but don’t let this put you off. You’ll soon get to grips with the jargon and these top tips for vaping newbies will put you on the right track for getting started. Before you know it you’ll be sharing your own vaping  knowledge with others. E Cigarette Device Night Care Before you get into bed you at least wash your face, brush your teeth and get into nightwear. Vaping devices also need a little prep before bedtime. Before you retire take your device apart, removing the tank from the rest of the e cig, particularly if you’ve recently refilled with e liquid. This might seem like a thankless (and perhaps a pointless) job however it stops your device leaking or worse, something seeping into the inner workings of the e cig such as the button, and preventing it from killing off your e smoking device! Trust us, you’ll be glad you took the effort..

E Cigarette Troubleshooting

This article offers easy to follow steps to help you navigate your way around the most common electronic cigarette atomiser and battery issues. Do always remember before any DIY fixes to check your warranty to ensure that by trying to fix problems yourself you don’t void the warranty. Getting E Liquid in Your Mouth or Your Atomiser Being Flooded This does occur from time to time and the culprit is often a low powered/ poorly charged battery or flooded atomiser chamber. Take the e cigarette apart, separating the atomiser from the battery and the cartridge. Place a wad of kitchen roll or absorbent tissue at the battery end of the atomiser chamber. As if you were blowing balloons up blow into the cartridge end of the atomiser. If done correctly the excess e liquid should be blow down the atomiser and out onto the waiting kitchen roll (etc). Doing this once may be adequate however it may take a few goes to get all of the e liquid out. Put the e cigarette back together again and ensure that when using it that there is an adequate amount of charge. *Do take care not to overfill the e cig, another.

E Cigarettes and Ceasing Smoking Altogether

To be absolutely clear e cigarettes are not smoking cessation devices, they have not being manufactured for the purpose, are not marketed for this purpose and anyone selling them as a way to stop smoking should probably be avoided.That said, there is some evidence that e cigarettes are at least as effective when it comes to stopping smoking as nicotine patches are. A clinical trial conducted in New Zealand and published in the Lancet stated that e cigarettes were moderately successful in helping smokers cut down and quite smoking altogether, with similar success statistics as the nicotine patches.While e cigarettes have not been approved for use as a smoking cessation device there is no denying that the user has more control certainly over the amount of nicotine that they are subject to. Typically there are three strengths of e juices available, low, medium and high. These levels reflect the amount of nicotine they contain with low strength e juices containing (usually) between six and eleven milligrams, medium strength nicotine levels being recorded at anywhere between fourteen and eighteen milligrams and higher strength e juices contain between eighteen and twenty six milligrams. There are e juices available which contain no nicotine.

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