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Hangsen, an upmarket brand dedicated to offering customers “The Flavour of Life” via their unbeatable e liquids, came into play back in 2009 and took the vaping industry by storm. Since then it has become the number one e liquid brand, offering Hangsen E Liquid to a global customer base by serving over eighty-five different countries. With Hangsen centres based in North America, Europe and Asia, the company are well-placed to continue to ensure that they meet the vaping needs of their customers. As from the very first day of trading, the Hangsen focus has been on offering unbeatable quality and world-class best selling e liquid flavours.
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Who is Hangsen?

Often referred to as the Godfather of e liquid, Jide Yao, Hangsen’s CEO, created the first e liquid recipe back in 2005 that included a PG/VG base. This type of e liquid recipe has become the basis of the world-renowned Hangsen e liquids brand and paved the way for the vaping industry to offer its vaping customers what it does today.

The co-founder of Dekang Mr Yao, with his medical background, could clearly see the devastating effects of smoking and the harm that tobacco cigarettes were doing, namely causing premature deaths around the world, not to mention smoking-related illnesses. Wanting to make a meaningful difference Mr Yao, having seen the potential of e cigarettes when they first launched in 2004, spent twelve months and million of pounds (or dollars) on research. He was the first person who could see that individuals could enjoy a habit as much if not more than their previous smoking habit without any of the health implications.

Mr Yao’s research brought about the design and production of the first e liquid in 2005 with a PG/VG base. This fundamentally changed the future of e cigarette design.

Over the next few years work continued on fine-tuning the e liquid process, designing new and popular flavours. No longer a part of the Dekang company and launching Hangsen in 2009, Mr Yao was responsible for the creation of a number of incredibly popular e liquid flavours that remain favourites a decade later.

It was none other than Mr Yao who designed and produced the Hangsen RY4 tobacco flavour which has been enjoyed by millions of vapers around the world. The smooth tobacco tastes coupled with sweet caramel tones and a hint of creamy vanilla shot straight to the top of the best-selling Hangsen e liquid list. The first Hangsen Tobacco e liquids, USA Mix tobacco flavours, menthol e liquids and other such popular flavours all came from Mr Yao. Clearly the Hangsen CEO is as good an e liquid mixologist as he is a businessman!

The Hangsen Expansion

Hangsen employs over 2000 people worldwide, a number that continues to grow. Here’s a little about how and where the Hangsen expansion has taken place.

  • Founded in 2009 Hangsen were the first company to export e liquids with a PG/VG base around the world. Initially popular in the UK these new Hangsen e liquids quickly gained popularity in South Africa, Poland and then swiftly moved on to become a globally recognised and respected brand.
  • By 2012 the UK operations had grown to such a size that a Manchester office was opened to facilitate the ongoing UK expansion and to continue to grow UK sales and effectively deal with customer service in the UK. Excellent customer relations is something Hangsen are well known for and this is something the company is very proud of.
  • In 2013 the European Centre was opened. This increased Hangsen’s monthly production capacity capabilities to over six million bottles. The European Centre also serves as the EU centre for all things relating to e liquid trade within the EU market.
  • In 2014 the Hangsen US Center was established, working to strengthen Hangsen’s position in the US market, one that was already well-maintained and continuing to grow. With centres in the UK, EU and North America, not to mention China, of course, it is at this point that Hangsen solidified their global brand and position as number one on the worldwide vaping stage.
  • 2016 marked a momentous occasion for Hangsen as they sold their 100,000,00th bottle of e liquid, making them the world’s number one brand in terms of volume. That is quite an achievement.
  • 2017 has seen Hangsen E Liquid rebrand and work to restructure their e liquid product portfolio, ensuring that glocal customers continue to receive the vaping experience they want and deserve. This exciting rebrand and new company mission is focused on making sure that the vaping industry remains vibrant and current, something that is of supreme importance given the fast-moving and fast developing nature of the vaping industry.
What Sets Hangsen Apart From the Competition

Fans of Hangsen e liquids will tell people that the Hangsen range offer the absolute best e liquids available anywhere. Being the largest vaping liquid company and with having so many achievements under their belt Hangsen have every right to make the same claim, by volume of sales, popularity and thanks to the incredibly high level of customer enjoyment.

Hangsen Tobacco E Liquid

Hangsen e liquid is created differently to many other brands as natural tobacco is used to extract the essence needed for tobacco flavoured e liquids. This allows vapers to enjoy a true, natural tobacco taste that is incredibly enjoyable, authentic and yet still avoid the nasties contained with the chemical filled tobacco that goes into cigarettes for smoking. This is just one example of how Hangsen e liquids are on a completely different level to other eliquids. The Hangsen tobacco e liquid tastes are well-known and much respected amongst e cigarette users and the vaping industry itself.

A Wide Range of Top Shelf Flavours

While tobacco e liquids appear to be the flagship flavours of Hangsen’s brand, there are many others that win awards and the hearts of vapers. The Hangsen Menthol e liquid range for example is widely considered to offer the purest, most enjoyable mint-flavoured vape. Visit the Hangsen E Liquid flavour guide page if you are looking for a specific flavour and want to see which Hangsen flavour it best matches with.

Fast forward to the present day and Hangsen offer the widest, most comprehensive range of e liquids at a quality level that is what makes the Hangsen brand the industry leader around the globe.

As well as offering world class e liquid flavours Hangsen is also well known for offering ejuice that is perfect for mouth to lung vaping, thanks to the high PG content in many of the e liquids. As specialists in high PG mouth to lung liquids Hangsen Eliquids offer their customers additional options for maximising their vaping enjoyment.

Exceptional Manufacturing Process

All Hangsen manufacturing is undertaken using cutting edge manufacturing processes in high spec labs, and staff are all uniquely trained and skilled in order to be able to maintain the unique quality level expected from each batch of Hangsen e liquid.

Hangsen E Liquid: A Global Sensation

There is no doubt that the success of the Hangsen brand stems from the innovative thinking of the incredibly talented Mr Yao. He saw a future in vaping that few could imagine and utilised his own skill and experience to make it happen.

Moving forward the Hangsen company have adopted the same principles, the same ethical working practices and the same vision that has enabled us to enjoy the fruit of their labours. If you are looking for a world class vape, it is well-known that the Hangsen brand should be your first port of call.

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