Vaping and Your Responsibilities

Tobacco cigarette smokers have, in a number of ways, seemed to have gained a rather unsavoury reputation, or rather the habit itself has. There are many reason for this, some coming down to the health implications of being a smoker, others being connected to unsociable behaviour such as cigarette butt littering. While of course is […]

Top Tips for Vaping Newbies

If you’ve already switched from “traditional” smoking to vaping, well done! There’s no doubt that it’s a positive mood and you’ll soon be seeing how much better your e smoking hobby has become. Switching over from tobacco smoking to electronic cigs can take a little adjustment but don’t let this put you off. You’ll soon […]

E Cigarette Troubleshooting

This article offers easy to follow steps to help you navigate your way around the most common electronic cigarette atomiser and battery issues. Do always remember before any DIY fixes to check your warranty to ensure that by trying to fix problems yourself you don’t void the warranty. Getting E Liquid in Your Mouth or […]