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Smokers Stop Smoking Due to Covid-19

Smokers stop smoking, ashtray

Finding ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic is not something that anyone expected. Life as we know it changed very quickly with restrictions on gatherings, financial worry and more. Throughout this period, ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) reports that over one million UK smokers have given up smoking. We look at what […]

Vaping Positivity

vaping positivity

There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now, from politics and Brexit to world affairs, conflict, climate change and more. It would be nice to see something optimistic or happy in the headlines, wouldn’t it? With this in mind, we’re sharing some vaping positivity and encourage you to do the same. Vaping is […]

E Cigarettes Sold in Hospitals

e cigarettes sold in hospitals

Two hospitals in the UK are allowing e cigarettes to be sold on-site to patients and visitors, a move which shows just how accepted vaping is these days. With a complete ban on smoking in or on NHS grounds, the move to offer e cigarettes has surprised some and delighted others.  E Cigarettes To Combat […]