Getting Started With Vaping

getting started with vaping

Vaping has never been so popular. Between public health campaigns supporting it as an alternative to smoking and the spiralling costs of smoking, it’s no wonder that so many are switching over. If you are looking to ditch tobacco cigarettes in favour of e cigarettes, we can help you get started. Getting started with vaping is easier than you might think. The difference between tobacco cigs and ecigs, other than the obvious health implications, is the vast amount of choice. Choose your e liquid type, the best device for you and from thousands of e juice flavours. We understand that this level of choice can be overwhelming so we’re breaking it down to show you what you really need to get started with vaping. You can add the extras and customise your cape when you are ready.

Getting Started With Vaping: You Need an E Cigarette

You really are spoilt for choice with some many different devices available, from box mods to pod mod and sub ohn devices it is easy to see why people could be put off switching due to complexity. In truth, getting started is easy. All you need is a device and we’d suggest a basic starter kit. A starter kit will have all the tech that you need to get started. It is a plug and play type of device, with a charger included. There will be comprehensive instructions included. If your kit doesn’t have any e liquids include, that’s all you will then need to buy.

There is plenty of time, later on, to upgrade to an advance starter kit or standalone e cigarette with various features if you like. No-one is saying that you must though. If a basic device offers you everything you need, stick with it. Your kit will need replacing from time to time but at around £25 for everything, it still works out a lot cheaper and lasts a lot longer than tobacco cigarettes at £10 or more a packet. The fact that they go up in smoke (literally) and can’t be reused is an eye-watering waste of money.

Getting Started With Vaping: Choose Your E Liquids

Thankfully e liquids can be relatively inexpensive and offer you a lot. There are different types to consider and, of course, plenty of flavours. To start with you need to understand three things about e liquids.

All About The Base

Did you know that an e liquid is made up of relatively few ingredients? There is a base which is made up of a mix of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), flavourings and nicotine. There are also nicotine-free versions available. The ratio of PG to VG can make quite the difference to the vapour and flavour that is produced so it’s important to understand the difference between the two base types so that you may choose the best type for your individual preferences. 

Propylene Glycol is completely odour and flavour free which means that it offers a keen clarity of flavour. It is also harsher in some ways which means it offers a grittier throat hit, something newly converted vapers might appreciate. Vegetable Glycerin is famed for offering a thicker, firmer and fuller vapour. High VG e liquids are what are used by those looking for big vape clouds full of flavour. Check the ratio of these e liquid base types when buying to customise your vaping experience. If you’re not sure when starting with vaping which is best for you, choose a few of each and get to know first hand what works best for you.

All About The Nicotine

When smoking you don’t have any control over the amount of nicotine available. With vaping, you can choose from numerous strengths and often zero nicotine e liquids too. This means that you can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you have if wished, avoiding the withdrawal you might get if you suddenly cut it out all at once. The amount of nicotine in your e liquid can also alter the taste slightly so it is worth experiencing a little.

A word of caution. Don’t jump up or suddenly increase the amount of nicotine you are using. You will experience dizziness, nausea, headaches and perhaps even vomiting if you do. Too much nicotine at once is not a good idea. Start by using the same amount of nicotine you did when smoking and move up or down incrementally from there.

All About The Flavour

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to vaping liquid flavour choices. Between sweets and desserts for the sweet-toothed, drink flavours, menthol mixes, fun fruits, tobacco flavours and some more unique concoctions you will certainly never be bored. When it comes to choosing e liquid flavours let go of your preconceptions. You may not be a fruit-eating person but given the chance, might absolutely love an apple flavoured vape. Be prepared to experiment.

Lastly, don’t think that you need to buy a huge number of e liquids. There may be many to choose from but storing a year’s worth can be a pain. Choose a few “safe” flavours such as menthol-based ones, tobacco, something sweet and then one of two you like the sound of. That will be plenty to get you started.

Getting Started With Vaping: Get Involved In The Vaping Community

When you first get to grips with vaping the best way forward is to grab a starter kit, read the instructions and just get going. Over time you will pick up more jargon and get to understand the intricacies of vaping more thoroughly. By joining other vapers in forums, groups and online you will be able to boost your knowledge with ease. You’ll find new techniques, read or watch reviews (YouTube is great for this, especially if you are looking for a visual demonstration), and build friendships with like-minded individuals. They will be able to dispel any myths about vaping and point you in the right direction. Before you know it you’ll be sharing your own tips and tricks with others. Vaping on its own is great but as a collective and as a community it offers so much more.

Getting Started With Vaping – In Conclusion

If you’ve made the decision to move away from smoking and towards vaping, you are already moving in the right direction. Continue on your winning streak by making sure that you start small, build the foundations by learning the basics and then spread your wings. There are so many ways to personalise your vaping experience but make sure that walk before you try and run. Reach out to other vapers and enjoy your new hobby. You’ll wonder why you didn’t leave tobacco cigarettes behind years ago in favour of the cleaner, more affordable and undoubtedly more enjoyable world of vaping.