Vaping Christmas Gift Ideas

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Vaping is a popular hobby and one which will no doubt become even more popular as time goes on. More and more people are choosing to switch from smoking to vaping with good reason. One of the random advantages of having someone in your life who is a vaper is that you will now be able to add vaping-related gifts to your list when looking for something to buy for Christmas.

E Liquids Make a Great Vaping Christmas Gift Choice

All vapers regardless of what device they use will need e liquids. The e liquid is what is heated up in an e cigarette to produce a flavoured vapour which may be inhaled and exhaled. This is a very pleasurable experience. Despite there being so many e liquid flavours to choose from we find that people stick to just a handful. Most of the time they do this for one or two reasons; because they have a found a few they like and have stuck with them or because they assume they won’t like certain flavours or flavour groups.

Choosing e liquids for a Christmas gift is a great way to open up people’s eyes to new flavour experiences. Here are just a few e liquid flavours available to you.

Drink Flavours

Colas, lemonades, fruit sodas, hot chocolate and even coffee flavoured e liquids are available these days. Carefully blended flavour combinations whose vapour tastes as good on your tongue as the real thing.

Fruit Flavoured E Liquids

Fruit flavours are incredibly popular as standalone flavours and when mixed with other fruits. From the humble apple and the cheeky banana to mouthwatering explosions of tropical fruits or berries, there is certainly a flavour here for everyone.

Tobacco Tasting E Juice

When smokers walk away from their previous harmful habit and opt for vaping instead they don’t suddenly lose their taste for tobacco. It’s a flavour that many like and continue to like after ditching cigarettes for e cigs. With that in mind, there are some really tasty tobacco flavoured e liquids available. One we can’t keep on the shelves is the Hangsen RY4 e liquid which is most definitely one to consider if buying for a vape fan who loves their tobacco.

Menthol E Liquids

You might not think that menthol flavours would be so popular but they most certainly are. Whether it’s an icy blast or a sweet menthol these e liquids are amongst our highest selling product and it’s easy to see why. Refreshing and tasty, what more could you ask for?

Sweet Treats and Pudding-Like E Liquids

All the flavour of your favourite pudding and none of the guilt or calories? Where do we sign up! Those who love toffee, a luxurious caramel taste, creamy vanilla and even puddings such as apple crumble or jam roly-poly can enjoy uncannily accurate flavours via their e cigarette. Sweet e liquids such as these are very popular and make for great Christmas presents, especially at this time of the year.

A Mixture Of Fabulous Flavours 

While there are many e liquids available with just one flavour or a mix of the same type of flavours, i.e. a fruity mix, there are other combinations that make for great tasting vapour. Aniseed, berries and menthol, for example, form the basis of our Blue Heisen e liquid which is another popular one. Fruit and mint is another curious combo which works. Many people seem to like an ejuice which offers firm flavours and the bonus of a cooling mint exhale. This type of e liquid flavour combi is well worth exploring when shopping for Christmas.

As you can see, e liquids come in a variety of different flavours and so making up a hamper or small bundle of these, especially as they are so affordable, can offer your vaping recipient an excellent choice for future vaping.

Accessories and E Cigarettes

E Cigarettes aren’t the easiest gifts to find unless you already know the sort that they like and will use. Now could be the time to start doing some Christmas-related digging. E cigarettes range in size and there are many different types. This means that those choosing to vape will be able customise their hobby to their own needs and wants which is what vaping is all about. 

If you’re not sure about buying an ecig or a starter kit (these can be very basic or much more advanced) there are plenty of vaping accessories you could choose. Perhaps some sort of clever storage for e liquids or consumables, perhaps a case or lanyard for when vaping out and about. A travel charging set could be a practical gift that would be much appreciated as long as you get the right device to suit the batteries and the e cigarette that your recipient uses. We have a few accessories on the site you might want to look at which are perfect for adding to e liquids to create a bundle or a hamper.

If You Aren’t Sure What to Buy Your Vaping Person Ask Them

Surprise Christmas presents are great but if you are buying vaping Christmas presents and just aren’t sure what they would like, just ask. It’s better to get a device or flavour set of e liquids that you know they will love rather than guessing. We’re sure that whatever you choose will make some vaper very happy on Christmas morning.

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