Vaping is the Most Affordable Choice

vaping is the most affordable option

Vaping really is the most affordable choice especially when you compare it to smoking. In this blog post we look at the ways that smoking cost you and others and how switching to vaping could save you money, protect your health and more.

Why is Vaping the Most Affordable Choice

From a money point of view, the majority of vapers will report savings, sometimes significant savings when they have given up smoking by switching to vaping. There is a good reason for this. When you by a pack of twenty mid-brand cigarettes now you can expect to pay up to and around £10. Many smokers smoke twenty a day. Even if they smoked 4 packs a week this would still be £40 a week or £2080 a year, often more. Once lit a cigarette is done for good. With an e cigarette your money goes a lot further.

When it comes to e cigarette costs you can pick up vaping starter kit from around £20. Some of these will have e liquids in and some won’t. You can reuse your e cigarette many times. You just need to refill it with flavoured e liquids which can be fairly inexpensive. Even if you were to buy a whole new starter kit after a month you will save a substantial amount of money. Yes, there are ongoing costs such as the cost of replacement batteries etc (unless just using start kits) and new e juices however again, vaping is still the most affordable choice compared to smoking.

Cutting The Cost of Vaping

Not only do e cigarettes work out much better value and are longer-lasting than tobacco cigarettes, but you can also make great savings on e liquids. Cheap e liquid does not necessarily mean poor quality e liquid, far from it. As long as you buy your vaping supplies from a reputable company such as us here at Hangsen you can be happy in the knowledge that all e liquid is TPD compliant, great value and offers a great-tasting vapour.

Maximise your e liquid savings by taking advantage of sales, multi-buy opportunities or even doing a bulk order with another vaper. The same savings methods applying to other aspects of vaping such as when buying refillable and so on.

The Health Costs Associated With Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

Did you know that smoking-related illnesses, admissions and assorted other smoking-related issues cost the NHS approximately £2billion per year in England alone? This is quite the sum. On top of this, you need to consider the personal cost to yourself as a smoker who may very well be affected by smoking-related illnesses. While treatment is currently (for how long who knows?) free on the NHS your time off work isn’t. The cost of transport to and from appointments, prescription charges and so on all add up. The cost to your health can be life-altering, with the World Health Organisation making it clear that smoking tobacco cigarettes can cause cancer and premature death.

Smoking is the Most Affordable Choice: In Conclusion 

We are all on a budget these days, with the economic news chancing daily, leaving up in uncertain times. Looking to cut down spending is natural but it is still important to have some fun and enjoyment in your life. When considering which is the most affordable hobby overall and whether you want to switch from smoking to vaping do think about the cost to your health and to your wealth. There are many great reasons to consider vaping and the ones detailed here are just the tip of the iceberg.