Winter Vaping Tips For Seasonal Enjoyment

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When it comes down to it vaping there are so many reasons why it is a significantly better option than tobacco cigarette smoking. Vaping is 95% less harmful (at least) than tobacco smoking according to Public Health England, cheaper and many would argue, much more enjoyable. No arguments from us. If you want to get the most out of your vaping in the colder months these winter vaping tips could be perfect for you. 

E Cigarettes Need Maintenance 

Tobacco cigarettes are very easy to use. You light one up and smoke it. What they gain in convenience they lose out on in health warnings with the World Health Organisation for one classifying numerous chemicals in cigarettes as toxic. WHO has also made it clear that smoking has the potential for causing cancer and premature death. Using an e cigarette may take minor maintenance but is most definitely worth it. No toxic smoke here. Maintaining you e cigarette throughout the year is important. Keeping this going over the winter especially is the key to winter vaping enjoyment.

Given that e cigarettes work by heating up fabulously flavoured e liquids you would think that they would be safe from the bitter cold we get here in the UK, if not in colder climates. As long as you keep your kit properly maintained (it costs little and doesn’t take long) and looked after you shouldn’t have any problems, hence these top winter vaping tips. 

For more seasonal maintenance information keep reading. 

 Winter Vaping Tips: Avoiding Battery Issues

 Us humans rarely do well with being cold and it doesn’t take long for us to turn up the heating in winter and for us to don thicker socks and layers. If we guard ourselves from the cold so that we can function better it stands to reason that e cigarette batteries need to do the same. During colder weather, your e cigarette will use more power in order to heat up the colder e liquids to reach the vapour-inducing stage. In addition to this very cold weather will make it more difficult for a lithium battery to do what it needs to do. Once the battery is exposed to heats below freezing vapers may experience high drain which results in a battery that is quickly out of battery and needs to be recharged more often.

Our top winter vaping tip is this: keep your batteries warm. When out and about keeping them next to you in a suitable case or similar via an inside pocket should be enough. Room temperature is the aim. Indoors battery temperatures should be fine unless you have ice on the inside of your window and are still refusing to light the fire or switch the central heating on. 

A word of warning, please do not try and “heat up” your batteries. While cold can affect performance, heating up a lithium battery is going to have a significantly more explosive effect. Don’t do it! 

Another of our top winter vaping tips, make sure that you don’t charge your battery when it is cold (properly winter cold). This can affect long term battery quality, making your batteries less effective and therefore in need of replacement (unless you like to charge you battery constantly and don’t favour a quality vapour).

If your battery is properly looked after during winter and in colder temperatures, it should fire up your e cigarette straight away, the battery should last longer and maintain the right level of power.


Winter Vaping Tips: Looking After E Liquid During the Colder Seasons

Much like ecigs, your e liquids may need a little extra attention during the colder months. There’s no need to do anything heroic, just make sure that you don’t allow them to freeze. That’s always a good place to start. When it comes to storing your e liquids the general rule is somewhere cool, dark and secure. Cool so they don’t evaporate, dark so they don’t taint or evaporate (yes, some e liquids are light-sensitive) and secure is self-explanatory. If your cool place becomes a cold place you might need to rethink your flavoured e liquid juice storage during winter.

The last thing that you want is to reach for a favourite e liquid in order to fill your e cigarette device and find it frozen solid. E juice is a liquid after all and so could freeze quite easily if exposed to the elements. When outside, store them inside your coat or similar and your body heat should be enough (hopefully) to keep them at room temperature. Again, don’t be tempted to try and warm up your e liquids manually. Popping them by the radiator is not going to end well as they will spoil and/or evaporate. 


Top Winter Vaping Tips: Enjoy Yourself 

At the time of year when the frost starts to arrive and the nights draw in we turn our attention to seasonal treats and suchlike. For some icy fresh mint e liquids are the order of the day while for others sweet treats, cinnamon tastes or even aniseed flavours are what is craved. If you tend to stick with a set few e liquid flavours this could be the time to try something new, exciting and winter-related.

Top Winter Vaping Tips: In Conclusion

Vaping hasn’t suddenly become more complicated, far from it. Maintenance has always formed a part of the vaping hobby and despite this, it is still much preferred than smoking and its dangerous health implications. Simply be aware of the need to keep your e liquids and e cigarette batteries at room temperature and remember to have some fun with winter-themed e liquids and you will be good to go.