CDC EVALI Vaping Stance

CDC EVALI Vaping Stance

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US has finally dropped a warning about vaping nicotine products from their website. The vaping industry in America took a fierce hit last year after devastating deaths and illnesses were reported as news of EVALI (E cigarette or Vaping Associated Lung Injuries) hit the headlines with hundreds of deaths. Vaping as a whole was blamed by many and the CDC chose to be cautious, hence their vaping warning. The agency is now satisfied that the clusters of EVALI were caused by a specific kind of e liquids that was illegally made. We can’t stress enough the need to only buy quality e liquids from a respected retailer. Read more about the CDC EVALI vaping stance, how this whole issue has been managed in the press and how we can avoid another such incident.

Studies by the CDC and many other relevant agencies and professionals showed that these EVALI case were caused e liquids containing THC that used Vitamin E acetate. The Vitamin E Acetate was found to be the primary cause of the reported lung issues. The e cigarettes contain this cocktail of ingredients that were illegally made and distributed. THC is the active component in cannabis and is responsible for psychotropic events, which many associate with the drug. In trying to vape their way to a high many lost their lives. It is also possible that some didn’t know what they were vaping, which is another call for buyers to only purchase from reputable retailers. 

The CDC EVALI Vaping Stance

After dropping their blanket warning against vaping for all, the CDC now warn children/young people, pregnant women and the elderly avoid starting to vape nicotine products. They are also very clear on the need for everyone to avoid bootleg e cigarettes, e liquids ad against vaping any THC compounds. 

What Has The EVALI Outbreak Meant To The Industry

Understandably, misinformation about the EVALI outbreak concerned vapers and non-vapers alike. Before the real culprit was found, i.e. bootleg e liquid makers and vapers, vaping as a whole was under suspicion. It solidified in the minds of many that vaping was “no good” and worried others. It stands to reason that this hit on trust has meant that vaping retailers have had to work hard to ensure that their customers are up to date with the correct information and to squash mistruths. The press had a field day. As time has moved on, trust is being rebuilt, now that organisations such as the CDC officially change their stance on the issue. The damage in the meantime has not been insubstantial. Thankfully, here in the UK, vaping is fairly well regulated and we had no EVALI instances. Some vapers were weary but clear information about the situation put many minds at rest.

What has concerned many is that the mistrust in vaping might have caused US vapers especially to move away from the hobby before they were ready. For a good proportion of these, the lure back to smoking could have been too much to resist. Similarly, the situation may have discouraged and continue to discourage smokers from giving up whereas they were considering vaping as a way to move away from the addictive and harmful sides of tobacco cigarette smoking.

It would be great to see as much coverage of the new findings, CDC EVALI vaping stance and positivity around vaping as there was for sensationalist headlines claiming that vaping was evil.

Moving Forward

The EVALI outbreak was devastating to those affected and their families. With good reason, the authorities have been clear about the severity of the situation the consequences to those who manufacture and sell illegal e liquids such as those that caused so much damage. Again, due to the TPD regulations here in the UK e liquids that are sold go through stringent checks and there are several restrictions regarding tank sizes, maximum nicotine levels and more. Much research has gone into vaping and it is widely accepted as being a significantly less harmful alternative to smoking. Hospitals even sell e cigarettes to curb smoking.

Our advice to vapers would be to only buy e liquids from an established and reputable retailer, like us here at Hangsen. If you don’t, you can’t be sure what you are buying and inhaling, which is not ideal. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.