Vaping Positivity

vaping positivity

There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now, from politics and Brexit to world affairs, conflict, climate change and more. It would be nice to see something optimistic or happy in the headlines, wouldn’t it? With this in mind, we’re sharing some vaping positivity and encourage you to do the same.

Vaping is Budget Friendly 

Everyone knows that smoking tobacco cigarettes is hugely expensive and that prices continue to climb. With some brands costing around ten pounds for a twenty pack, it is easy to see how the costs stack up. Another plus point for vaping positivity is the fact that it is a significantly more affordable option. 

A basic starter kit can cost around twenty to twenty-five pounds. This will contain all of the technology, including a charger, that will allow you to get started. Some of these kits contain a few starter e liquids some don’t. With cheap e juice being available from just £1 on offer though, these consumables won’t break the bank.

How much you will spend on your vaping hobby will depend very much on how often you vape, how much and whether you are someone who is determined to splurge on new kit and hundreds of flavours all at once. The average vaper will very quickly find themselves saving money as compared to when they smoked. Yes, the starter kit for vaping costs more than a packet of cigarettes but one lasts weeks and the other literally goes up in smoke in one to two days. 

Vaping Positivity: No Passive Problem

Tobacco smoking has a bad reputation. These days there is widespread awareness of the amount of damage that smoking can do to smokers and non-smokers. Scientists have proven that non-smokers who unwittingly breathe in smoke are at as much risk of smoking-related harm as smokers are. 

This revelation formed the basis of the Go Smoke Free legislation which went live back in 2007. It is this legislation that has stopped smoking in the workplace, in pubs and restaurants, on public transport and more.

Good news though, and another point for vaping positivity; there is no such thing as harmful passive vaping. Being around vapour that is produced by the heating up of e liquids is not an issue. The more people who know this, the better the impression of vaping becomes the more vaping myths are debunked.

Health Organisations Love Vaping

No-one shares vaping positivity more than Public Health England. They released a review (Spring 2018) which shared the many benefits of vaping over smoking tobacco cigarettes. In that review, they announced to the world their evidence-based findings that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. 

In addition to this PHE have proactively campaigned for better access to vaping. This could include the NHS adopting e cigarettes as official cessation devices which would, in turn, allow GPs to prescribe e cigs and vaping to those serious about quitting smoking. A similar scheme to this has already been trialled in some areas as part of their Stop Smoking clinics and has proven to be both popular and successful. 

Taking vaping positivity to another level Public Health England have also included e cigarettes in their list of quit smoking aids as part of the Stoptober campaign. This campaign has been proven to be hugely successful over the years, helping thousands to quit smoking. 

Many health organisations are pro-vaping here in the UK which is great to see. Their vaping positivity led messages do much for helping smokers decide to switch to vaping and towards a cleaner and healthier future.

There is So Much Choice

When you smoke tobacco cigarettes you are fairly limited in how you can customise your smoking experience. Yes, numerous tobacco brands may taste slightly different and you have “lights” and even menthol to choose from but that is about it. A huge plus point for vaping positivity is the fact that you can experience so much more with vaping and truly customise the experience to.your wants and needs.

The Flavours

There are so many cheap e liquid flavours to choose from. There really is something for everyone. With fruit flavours, mint and menthol tones, sweet treats, drink flavours, tobacco tones and so much more, you are positively spoilt for choice.

The Device Types

Again, there are many different e cigarettes available now. Most people start with a basic starter kit or a very simple refillable e cigarette or pod system and either stick with those or decide to explore different types. From sub ohm vaping devices and more to choose from, you really can find something perfect for you. Just make sure that you do your research.

The Nicotine Strength 

Vaping positivity doesn’t always stretch to nicotine content as many still see it as a bad thing. Nicotine naturally occurs within tobacco and is in all tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is also found within e liquids and having it there helps to form the enjoyable throat hit that many are used to with cigarettes. Having nicotine in eliquid also makes it easier for smokers to switch over as they don’t experience nicotine withdrawal and cravings.

Good news though. You can customise the strength/amount of nicotine in your e liquid of choice. Start by matching what you were used to as a smoker, stay at that same level or change it to suit you.

If you wanted to be nicotine free you can do that too and still vape. Simply gradually step down through the nicotine strength levels until you are at a place where you can choose zero nicotine e liquids. Another score for vaping positivity and being able to make your vaping experience your own.

The E Liquid Base Type

As well as being spoilt for choice with the number and type of e liquid flavours available, you may also choose your preferred base type. All e liquids are made up from a base liquid, nicotine (or not) and flavourings. The two base types that make up your e liquid are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These are usually mixed in different ratios to produce different effects.

Propylene glycol, for example, is known for its clarity of flavour and for offering a harsher throat hit, which some heavy non-smokers prefer. Vegetable glycerin is known for offering a smoother vape and for being the base of choice for those who like bigger vape clouds infused with flavour. High VG means thicker vapour. There is no bad choice when it comes to choosing an e liquid base type, just see what works best for you. Perhaps you’ll like a variety of different base ratios, offering you even more different types of vaping enjoyment?

Vaping Positivity: In Conclusion 

When it comes to the benefits of vaping, the list is long. It is better for your budget, you can enjoy numerous different flavours and customise your vape in so many ways.

Vaping does not come with the health warnings that cigarettes do (ask the World Health Organisation about their opinion of the harm that smoking does; they won’t pull any punches) and indeed e cigarettes are preferred by health professionals.

So many positives and still the media like to print wild and unsubstantiated headlines about the dangers of vaping. What’s worse, many people believe these lies, assuming that they must be true if the media have reported on them. Quick fact checks via reputable sources are the best way to check whether something is true but people don’t always take the time to do this, sadly. 

What we can do is continue to spread vaping positivity while the law-makers, the health professionals and the scientists continue to spread the official word about vaping and why smokers really should think about switching over if quitting smoking has been difficult to maintain in the past.

With so many people vaping now and more switching over every day it is great to see the vaping positivity spreading.