Quit Smoking in Autumn

Quit Smoking in Autumn

You can give up smoking at any time of the year. If you choose to quit smoking in autumn however there are a number of factors which might make this time of year the best time for you to successfully quit. We all know how hard walking away from tobacco cigarettes can be and so if choosing a certain time, date or motivation helps you with that we say go for it. We look at the benefits of giving up smoking in autumn, whether this is by switching to vaping or just stopping altogether.

Why Give Up Smoking At All?

The chances are that unless you’ve been living under a rock that you already have a good idea of why giving up smoking is a good idea. A quick recap though. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified numerous chemicals found within tobacco cigarettes as being toxic and confirms that smoking contributes to or directly causes a number of respiratory diseases, disorders, ailments and more. Smoking, according to WHO can also cause cancer. Clearly, smoking is not a great idea. 

As well as being harmful to you, passive smoking has been proven to be dangerous to non-smokers around you. This information, which was proven beyond doubt is partly what led to the Go Smoke Free legislation that went live in 2007. This law prohibits smokers from smoking in numerous public places, including on public transport. More recently additional legislation was passed which makes it illegal for anyone to smoke in a vehicle with a minor present. Basically, smoking is harmful to everyone and as such giving up smoking should be at the top of your to-do list. If you enjoy the hobby but worry about the health risks, consider ditching the tobacco and moving over to e cigarettes instead. Even the NHS is publicly supportive of vaping as an alternative to smoking.

Give Up Or Switch To Save

First comes October and autumn and then before you can blink you will arrive on Christmas Eve. Time flies when you are having fun. If saving money for Christmas gift buying, outings and more is something that is important for you the very best idea would be to quit smoking in autumn. At around ten pounds for a pack of twenty cigarettes, smoking is an extremely costly habit. Switching to vaping if giving up altogether doesn’t appeal to you still comes with a cost but is considerably cheaper longer term than smoking is. Cheap e liquids make it even more affordable. 

If you need the motivation to quit smoking put your savings in a jar or a separate bank account and watch them build. Quit smoking in autumn and enjoy the financial benefits over Christmas, in the new year and moving forward.

Quit Smoking in Autumn & Make Festive Socialising Easier

One of the hardest things to deal with when giving up smoking is the social aspect. When all of your friends, family and coworkers seem to have a cigarette in their hand at all times, going cold turkey can be so hard. When shifting over to vaping, something that many smokers are now doing to enjoy a healthier hobby, you can still enjoy similar social time. There is a very strong vaping community and with more and more people vaping it is likely that before too long your social circle will be more e cigarette than tobacco cigarette-led. 

Make sure you make the switch or quit well before Xmas otherwise the whirlwind of Christmas parties, family get-togethers and so on could be a minefield of triggers which could send you back to smoking. This is especially true if you are likely to drink alcohol at any of these events. If you’re free and clear of cigarettes, one way or the other before the invitations roll in for Christmas events you will likely find it easier to resist slipping backwards.

Stoptober Helps You Quit Smoking in Autumn

Public Health England (PHE) is responsible for England’s public health campaigns. As part of this, they run a very successful campaign every October which helps many quit smoking. This campaign is called Stoptober. If you haven’t heard of Stoptober you can easily find out more about it by searching social media or just typing it into your search bar. Incredibly popular, Stoptober works by utilising online tools and resources, social media, an app and more to help a large number of people to quit smoking. 

You could stand a very good chance of success if you decide to quit smoking in autumn. By using the many tips and tricks that Stoptober suggests you could be cigarette-free sooner than you might expect. Take part in the campaign, enjoy the motivation that comes with lots of people all focused on the same thing or perhaps making it into a sponsored challenge even. There are so many ways that this campaign helps you to succeed.

 PHE offers suggestions for ways to successfully quit including using nicotine replacement therapy and switching to using e cigarettes which is the preferred alternative to smoking that many health professionals advocate for. If you plan to quit smoking in autumn check out Stoptober and see if what it offers could be something that helps you achieve your non-smoking goals.

Ditch The New Year Resolutions

Diets should never start on a Monday and anything you are really passionate about doing should not wait until January 1st. No-one needs the pressure that comes with “having” to be successful when they are trying to do something such as give up smoking. In addition to this, it is important to understand that giving up smoking is a journey, not a one-shot attempt. If you start on the first of January and struggle, maybe slipping a little and having one more cigarette, your mindset will be that you have already failed your resolution; that you’ve broken that promise. This is hardly motivating.  

Ditch the New Year resolution and maximise your chances of successfully quitting smoking, either by going cold turkey or by switching to vaping. Do really think about the benefits of choosing to quit smoking in autumn rather than on the first day of the new year.

Quit Smoking in Autumn For Seasonal E Liquid Enjoyment

If you’re considering switching over to vaping in order to walk away from smoking, autumn is indeed a great time to do it. In fairness, any time is a good time however, if you’re someone who loves the autumn season you can opt for your seasonal favourite flavours. Alongside crisp golden leaves, conkers, thick socks and a roaring fire, certain scents and tastes contribute to the autumn feel. 

Consider tobacco tones, particularly woody ones or perhaps the RY4 e liquid, minty tones, especially peppermint (great for clearing the senses), spicier tones, warm berry e liquids and of course anything containing vanilla or cinnamon. These tastes scream out autumn so if you’re a fan of this time of year deciding to quit smoking in autumn can be incredibly enjoyable with the right e juice flavours to hand.

Quit Smoking in Autumn – In Conclusion

If the time is right for you to give up smoking, go for it. Don’t wait for a specific time, date or set of circumstances. If, however, you are looking for something to motivate you choosing to quit smoking in autumn offers numerous benefits. Utilise all of the tools, tips and tricks that Stoptober offers you, enjoy e liquid flavours that remind you of your favourite autumn season, get yourself ready and cig-free before the social aspect of Christmas is upon you and avoid the pressures of New Year resolution. 

The sooner you quit smoking the sooner your health starts to improve and you do need to be completely smoke free to feel these benefits. If, now that you’ve hit autumn you’ve decided enough is enough we wish you all the very best. Quitting smoking isn’t the easiest of tasks for everyone but is very worth it.