Nic Salts: What Are They?

There have been many new ways to enjoy vaping. Numerous different flavour types. The all-important device-choice decision and of course whether you opt for more vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol in your e liquid. Vapers now have a new way to customise their vaping experience to suit their needs and this is by choosing nic salts. 

Nic salts have become increasingly popular amongst vapers, both those more advanced vapers and those who have been using e cigarettes for a while and absolute beginners. Nic salts have been designed with nicotine consumption and vaping enjoyment in mind.

What Are Nic Salts

Nic salts are naturally sourced from the nicotine already found in tobacco. By blending the nicotine with liquid you get nic salts, a solution that may be vaped. The way that it is created means that the nicotine is easily and more quickly absorbed into a vaper’s bloodstream. Distilled nicotine, the nicotine you usually find in e liquids offers much the same effect but takes a little longer and is absorbed in lower quantities. The reason that the nic salts are more quickly and easily absorbed is down to how the human body works and how the PH levels of the nic salts are more compatible with the physiology.

Isn’t Nicotine Bad For us

This is a common mistruth and has been debunked many times. When you smoke a cigarette there are many harmful chemicals involved that are harmful to health. Indeed, the World Health Organisation makes it clear that they consider numerous chemicals found within tobacco cigarettes to be toxic and as having the potential to cause cancer. Nicotine, however, is not the dastardly and dangerous substance many think that it is. 

All of our Hangsen Nic Salts are TPD Compliant (as are all of our e juice ranges). The TDP or Tobacco Products Directive, which has a side section for legislation for e liquids and vaping equipment, is responsible for making sure that all new products that come to market must be rigorously tested for safety before being about to be sold. Are nic salts bad for us? Would the TPD allow them to be sold if they were? Given how strict these checks and regulations are, we don’t think so.

A Nicotine Side Note

Yes, nicotine is addictive. This is a separate issue though and when it comes to vaping is something of a non-starter. When switching from smoking to vaping (something Public Health England are very keen on) you don’t struggle with nicotine withdrawal as e liquids contain nicotine. You can, however, reduce the amount of nicotine you use over time with e liquids, something you can’t do with tobacco cigarettes. 

One of the many benefits of using nic salts is that the nicotine “hit” you receive is good for keeping your nicotine needs satisfied for longer. This means that even if you don’t vape very regularly, i.e. if you can’t use your e cigarette while at work, you are unlikely to struggle with nicotine withdrawal or cravings as you might with tobacco cigarettes. This set-up is particularly good for those who are switching over to e cigarettes and flavoured e liquids in order to rid themselves of the chemical nasties in tobacco. These might be the individuals who find that they had previously struggled to quit cold turkey because of the intense nicotine cravings. Vaping is good for those looking to walk away from smoking and increases the chances of being able to stay smoke-free. 

In addition to this, nic salts may offer the additional nicotine support required, especially by those who were very heavy smokers previously, therefore, would be more likely to struggle with cravings. Those starting with vape pens and similar devices simply may not be able to get the nicotine they need with these beginner vapes i.e very basic e cigarettes and e liquids but could with nic salts. We’re all for anything that encourages people to quit smoking for good.

Other Benefits of Nic Salts

We have already covered the fact that nic salts are easily absorbed, keep cravings at bay and are available from reputable retailers who offer only high-quality TDP compliant products. As well as being perfect for beginners used to a decent amount of nicotine, nic salts are versatile enough to also be useful and enjoyable for more experienced vapers. 

For use with pod e cigarette devices, a popular type of starter kit and vape devices for beginners and those who enjoy the simple life when it comes to devices, nic salts tick many boxes for all types of vapers. Pods are again a relatively new style of e-cigarette that is easy to use and refill which makes them ideal for new vapers and those who like the ease of use that comes with this simple vaping system.

The Difference Between Nic Salts and E Liquids

As before, the usual type of e liquids that you buy contain distilled nicotine. Standard e-liquid definitely offers a nicotine hit. How much depends on the strength of the nicotine within the e liquid and also the device (vaping at a higher temperature amplifies the strength of your nicotine content so this is something to be aware of if sub ohm vaping is something you are considering). All of that considered, distilled nicotine does not give quite a strong a nicotine hit as nic salts do. This isn’t a bad thing, it simply means that there is a vaping and a nicotine product for everyone.

The main difference between nic salts and standard e liquids is the way that they are both prepared and how each is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Are Nic Salts For You

Anyone looking for a decent nicotine hit, something which satisfies cravings but also contributes to the throat hit you get when smoking which is replicated when using an e cigarette, should consider trying nic salts. Those frustrated by the restrictions put in place by the TDP which cut the maximum strength of nicotine allowable will no doubt find that nic salts scratch the itch that the highest strengths available pre-mixed in standard e juices doesn’t quite reach. Still available in several excellent vaping flavours for your pleasure, nic salts are an excellent addition to the smorgasbord of choices vapers have access to customise their vaping experience to fully fit their wants and needs.

Nicotine Warning

Please note: 

When it comes to increasing the amount of nicotine that is absorbed into your body the best way to do this is to do it gently. Suddenly increasing the amount of nicotine in your system can make you feel very poorly. Expect headaches, dizziness, nausea and even vomiting. A gentle increase is best. Also please be aware that some devices and methods of vaping amplify the strength of nicotine used (mostly in standard nicotine-containing e liquids).

As always please keep nicotine products away from children and pets and never ingest them.