Boosting E Liquid Flavours

One of the very best things about vaping is the fact that you have some many wonderful flavours to choose from. When smoking you could choose between different tobacco brands and the odd menthol and that was that. This blog post is all about celebrating the variety that vaping offers in terms of flavours and will explain how boosting e liquid flavours enables you to get the very best out of them and of your vaping experience.

How Much Variety is On Offer?

How high is the sky? There are so many flavours available that there is a definitely a favourite to suit everyone’s needs and wants and yet with website flavour filter it is easier than ever to narrow down your search in order to find what you need. Whether you are looking for a sweet e liquid, a drink flavoured e juice, something that packs a fruity punch or a flavour that’s something a little bit different, you have all of these and more at your fingertips. Once you’ve decided which e liquid flavour types you want to try first or have adopted as your everyday favourites the next step is looking at ways to make the most out of those expertly mixed flavours!

Choose High-Quality E Liquids

Above all else, choose great quality e liquids. The difference between those e liquids created by expert mixologists using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and cutting edge manufacturing processes and those that don’t is very obvious. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that the only way to enjoy top quality is to pay through the nose. It is very easy to find cheap e liquids that offer an exceptional vaping experience, so long as you choose a reputable retailer.

Choosing e liquids that are cheap and not from a retailer you can trust likely means that they are not TPD compliant which in turn means that they 1) could contain anything and 2) likely aren’t going to offer you the experience that you are looking for. If you are here looking for advice on boosting e liquid flavours, this is the first and possibly the most important step.

Consider Your E Liquid Base

All e liquids are made up of a base, flavourings and nicotine in various strengths, or not, depending on whether you have opted for a zero nicotine e-liquid. What kind of base you choose could make a significant difference to how your vapour tastes and feels. The two base ingredients used are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Some e liquids have more VG, making them a high VG e liquid whereas others offer a ratio with more PG in them. High VG e liquids are famed for offering thicker, fuller and smoother vapour. PG is great for clarity of flavour and is often the harsher of the two eliquid bases. By harsh we mean that PG e liquid offers more of a throat hit, that gravelly feeling in the back of the throat when you inhale your e juice.

Some vapers opt for more PG in their e-liquid if they are looking for a clear flavour and don’t necessarily want or need a big vape cloud. Both types and their numerous ratios offer different benefits. This is something to consider when you are looking at ways of boosting e liquid flavours.

Clean Your Tank

From an environmental point of view the fact that your tank or clearomizer is refillable is great. It does mean that when switching between flavours, particularly stronger tasting flavours that you need to make sure that you clear your tank and mouthpiece so that you aren’t tasting your previous flavour through the new one. This is one of the reasons that e liquid tanks are made from glass as opposed to plastic. It is more eco friendly and glass doesn’t taint like plastic does. How you maintain your e cigarette device will have an effect on the clarity of your e liquid flavour.

Change Your Vaping Way

Again, one of the best things about vaping is the fact that you can alter the way that you use your e cigarette in order to make the most of your chosen flavours. If you are looking for a flavour-filled big vape cloud experience that enables you to enjoy your favourite flavour that way, you might want to look at using a sub ohm device. Sub ohm vaping is where you use low resistance coils (under 1.0 ohm) to vape at high temperatures to amplify flavour and vapour production. You don’t need to opt for sub ohm vaping to make that work however as many devices now offer temperature/wattage controls in order for vapers to customise their vaping experience. It is definitely worth looking at how you use your device if you want to make the most of your e liquid flavour experience.

Boosting E Liquid Flavours: In Summary

If you want to, you can simply load up your e cigarette tank with your favourite e liquid and vape, it is as simple as that. Using good quality e liquids from a reputable retailer is more than enough to offer you a wonderfully flavoursome vaping experience. If, however, you are looking at experimenting a little and are looking at boosting e liquid flavour to their fullest, these vaping top tips are a very good place to start.