Vaping Starter Kit Choices

vaping starter kit

When you first switch to vaping from smoking you need some kit to get you going. Your first vaping starter kit should have everything you need to get started. Some have e liquids and some have everything but e liquids however this is indicated when buying a kit. We look at choosing your first vaping starter kit, what to expect and how to get the best out of it.

Vaping is Different

It’s true. Don’t expect vaping to be exactly like smoking because it won’t be. You will soon find that not only does vaping do the job (helps you quit smoking) but that it is intensely enjoyable in its own way. 

The biggest differences between vaping and smoking are how they work and what you inhale. When smoking you use combustibles. That means that you have a cigarette that is lit and burns. When you vape nothing is burned. Instead, a lithium battery and some clever tech heat e liquid in a tank to produce a flavoured vapour. No burning here.

What you inhale when smoking is a combination of tar and toxic chemicals wrapped up in smoke. Ask the World Health Organisation as it is they who have classified tobacco cigarettes this way. WHO also make it clear that smoking can cause serious harm to health and even premature death. That’s heavy stuff.

The vapour you inhale and exhale when vaping does not contain any toxic or harmful anything. Public Health England stated in their 2018 review of vaping that the use of e cigarettes and e liquids are at least 95% less harmful to health than smoking. Many assume that “at least” will be dropped in the future when studies have continued for a much longer period. This is needed to get the big green tick mark. 

Smoking and vaping are very different. With this in mind, you can hopefully now appreciate the fact that it will take time to get to grips with the differences between the two but that it is worth the effort.

What is a Vaping Starter Kit

To vape, you need some basic equipment. Generally, a basic starter kit will start at around £25. Sometimes they are cheaper, depending on whether you find one on sale or similar. While this may seem much more expensive than smoking, consider how long both last. A twenty deck of tobacco cigarettes cost around £10. A starter kit £25. Twenty cigarettes may last a day or two. A vaping kit could last weeks or even longer.

In your vaping starter kit, you will have everything you need to get going. This includes an e cigarette complete with a mouthpiece, a tank, a battery, all of the inner workings (a coil and a wick) and a charger. There will also be instructions to help you get started. Always follow manufacturer instructions.

You should be able to just grab and get going with a basic starter kit once charged. Again, some come with e juice included to get you started while others do not. Check this out in advance so you have everything you need ready to get started. 

Choosing the Best Vaping Starter Kit

There are loads of different e cigarettes out there. You have vape pens, box mods, sub ohm devices, the popular pod mods and many more to choose from. Starter kits tend to be more basic but still offer a high-quality and enjoyable vaping experience. Don’t get overwhelmed when browsing e cigarettes. Just find something simple and get started. There’s plenty of time to upgrade later or customise how you vape once you’ve got to grips with the starter kit.

Starting E Liquid Flavours

Don’t go mad and start buying handfuls of eliquids right at the beginning. Once you’ve purchased your vaping starter kit you just need a few different e liquids to get going. Popular choices include tobacco tastes, menthol e liquids, fruity vapours and some sweet ones such as dessert flavour vape juice. You’ll soon work out which flavours tick the boxes best for you.

As well as flavours you have two more choices to consider when choosing your starter e liquids; nicotine strength and base type. 

Choosing The Right Base Type For You

E liquids are made up of a base liquid, nicotine and flavourings. There are zero nicotine e liquids too. The base liquids tend to be made up of a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These are featured in different ratios to offer different effects. 

High VG e liquids, for example, tend to be smoother and offer thicker vapour. These are the e liquids you want if big vape clouds are your thing. Vaping liquid with more PG in it tends to lean towards clarity of flavour and a firmer throat hit (sometimes popular with new vapers who have recently moved over from smoking). 

The best way to know which is best for you as ar as a base is concerned is to try a few different ones out to see what suits best.

Choose Your Nicotine Strength Wisely

When choosing the best nicotine strength for you when using your vaping starter kit we have a word of warning. Do not use too much nicotine. If you were a light smoker or smoked “lights” choose a lower nicotine strength. If you smoked bog-standard cigarettes, choose a nicotine strength that is very similar to that. If you just up your nicotine intake all of a sudden you will regret it. A jump up in nicotine can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and even vomiting. Our advice? Start low and work up.

Don’t Spend a Small Fortune on Your First Vaping Starter Kit

One of the most popular things those switching from smoking to vaping enjoy is the difference in cost. Vaping tends to be significantly cheaper over a longer period as opposed to smoking. Sticking to a budget when vaping is important otherwise you may well squander the extra saved money on over-buying e liquids and upgrading needlessly. 

Set yourself a sensible budget and bear this in mind when choosing your first kit. You don’t need all the bells and whistles. You just need to get started, to walk away from tobacco cigarettes and then consider upgrading step by step if needed.

First Vaping Starter Kit Choices: In Summary

While there are a few things to consider when choosing your first vaping starter kit and choosing your first e liquids it is important not to get overwhelmed. Make a budget, choose a basic starter kit, think about the different cheap e liquids available and choose a few you think will suit you and then enjoy! Don’t worry about keeping up with other vapers, everyone has to start somewhere. 

The key to successfully sticking with vaping and not moving back to smoking is to find a way to make it work for you. You may then gradually familiarise yourself with the vaping world to get the very best out of each and every draw.