A few years ago, no one had any idea that there would soon be an effective, safer, widespread alternative to traditional cigarettes that would soon be used by millions of people worldwide. Move forward to 2014 and the use of E-Cigarettes is booming thanks to the vastly superior benefits they offer compared to traditional, harmful tobacco products.

The benefits of E-Cigarettes and E Liquids

One of the first things that people notice when they switch to E-Cigarettes is the absence of that traditional, unpleasant, smoky cigarette smell. Cigarette smoke clings to everything it comes in contact with, as well as dying your white walls an unpleasant yellow colour over time. The reason cigarette smoke smells so unpleasant is that it’s filled with tar and other noxious chemicals. In contrast, E-Cigarettes give off a simple vapour created by E Liquids that evaporates almost immediately and has virtually no odour.

The second benefit is, of course, their safety compared to traditional cigarettes: both in terms of the fact you’re not at risk from starting a fire due to a carelessly dropped cigarette, and the fact that E-Cigarettes contain a simple mix of propylene glycol (a naturally occurring compound), vegetable glycerine and pure nicotine, therefore avoiding the complex mix of chemicals contained in cigarette smoke that are the leading cause of lung and throat cancer. All our hangsen eliquids are 80/20 mixture of PG to VG

E-Cigarettes are also much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Although the entry cost of the equipment may be a little higher, the monthly cost of electronic smoking is around half that of traditional cigarettes meaning that you stand to save a great deal of money over time.

What is Propylene Glycol (PG) and how does it affect the throat hit?

Many smokers who switch back to traditional cigarettes do so because they say they miss the ‘throat hit’. This can be defined as the satisfying feeling that you get in the back of your throat and your lungs when you inhale smoke. Hangsen E Liquid vapour contains top quality propylene glycol to ensure a satisfactory throat hit. PG is a tasteless, odourless compound that occurs naturally. It’s a low density liquid that evaporates quickly to ensure a stronger throat hit, similar to that offered by tobacco cigarettes but without the associated toxic compounds and tars released by tobacco

What are the benefits of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and how does it work?

Vegetable Glycerine is a great addition to E Liquids as it produces more vapour. Some E Liquids are entirely based on VG, but by combining slightly thicker VG with less dense, more fast acting propylene glycol, Hangsen E Liquids offer the best of both worlds: a powerful throat hit and plentiful, long lasting vapour to extend that hit and deliver flavour. Both PG and VG are non toxic organic compounds and generally considered safe for consumption: in fact, they are widely used as food additives in a variety of products.

Why choose Hangsen E Liquids?

Hangsen are one of the leading E Liquid suppliers and manufacturers in terms of expertise and experience. Hangsen’s CEO invented one of the very first recipes for E Liquid back in 2004, so you know that their technical knowledge and ability are second to none. Hangsen are also the world’s largest E Liquid manufacturer and only use top graded ingredients when creating their wide range of vaping products.

Hangsen are dedicated to quality. All Hangsen E Liquids are made with 99% pure nicotine, naturally derived flavouring, vegetable glycerin and carefully sourced propylene glycol, a chemical compound found in vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants. It is also utilised in inhalers used by asthma patients.

Hangsen E Liquid is made using a state of the art process known as molecular distillation that removes impurities from the compound. Hangsen’s 10,000 square metre factory is equipped with state of the art equipment and testing devices to guarantee product consistency and quality. No E Liquid leaves the Hangsen factory without being carefully tested for safety and quality.

All Hangsen E Liquids are supplied in safe, child proof bottles and contain a label clearly stating the nicotine content. Hangsen offer more than 300 different E Liquid flavours (including menthol sensation, caramel, chocolate, cherry and tobacco to name a very small selection) and are adding more all the time. Join millions of satisfied ‘vapers’ around the world and choose Hangsen E Liquids today.