How to Store E Liquids

Store E Liquids

It’s easy to get excited about all the different e liquid flavours and types there are to choose from. Once you’ve got them though, you need to make sure that you know how to store them properly. You don’t need extra special boxes or a vast amount of space however you do need to put some thought into it. If you store e liquids effectively they will last longer, maintain their quality and be safe and secure. As this is a question we are asked a lot we thought a guide to effective e liquid storage would be a useful resource.

Many factors affect e liquids, for example, heat, light and air. It’s worth bearing this in mind when you decide how and where you’ll store your precious e liquid collection. With so many fabulous flavours to choose from and enjoy, why would you risk diluting the flavour through ineffective storage? It just doesn’t make sense. Effective storage saves you money in the long run and maintains the quality of your e juice thereby protecting your vaping enjoyment.

You wouldn’t think that light, heat and even other smells could affect your e liquid but they can! There’s no point putting effort into finding the best vaping juices and then not looking after them.

How to Store e Liquids: Watch Your Light Levels

E liquids can be affected by bright light so keeping your e liquids in a darker place is a good idea. When exposed to bright light, e juice will breakdown, becoming less flavoursome and generally offering a less impactful vapour. Take care to store your e liquids somewhere cool and dark, either in a light-proof box or in a darkened cupboard.

Turn the Heat Down

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that e liquids are vulnerable to heat. After all, e liquids exist in order to be heated to produce a flavoured vapour. Room temperature or ideally below should be how vaping liquid bottles are stored. Any higher and the e liquid will break down, making the flavour less potent. If you leave the lid of your e liquid bottle slight loose heat will increase the risk of evaporation. 

Vaping evaporation will darken e liquids and leave you disappointed. You don’t need to put e liquids in the fridge or again, buy special storage. You simply need to be mindful to keep them cool, especially during hot weather. With this in mind keep e liquids away from sources of direct sunlight when stored in your home and of course, when in a car.

Keep Your E Liquid Bottles Airtight

Air helps to break down e liquids which is why you should always ensure that your e liquid vials are properly sealed. If you leave lids off or leave them loose you will risk oxidisation which means your e liquids will again darken, become peppery or even bitter. Some vapers employ steeping which is leaving the lids off for a time to make e liquids stronger in flavour. Steeping can quickly turn to bitter e liquids so be mindful of how you store e liquids in your home if you want to enjoy vapour produced from great tasting e liquid.

How to Store E Liquids: In Summary

Vaping offers you an immense amount of enjoyment. You don’t have to spend massive amounts of money and you don’t need a fancy kit. What you do need is to maintain your e cigarette effectively and to make sure that you understand the best way to store e liquids. This will make sure that you don’t compromise the quality of your vapour and you won’t lose money on having to replace what were perfectly good and high-quality e liquids.

When choosing how and where to store, remember to consider the temperature, air and light levels. Also, pay particular attention to storing e liquids safely. Young children and pets can become seriously ill if they ingest e liquid due to the nicotine that they contain. Somewhere high and out of sight make a good choice and if you are concerned about children still getting into them, consider a locked box or similar.

There are a number of factors to consider when you are looking to source adequate storage for your e liquids. First and foremost safety is the initial issue. The nicotine in e liquids could be very nasty if swallowed by a pet or a child (or an adult) and therefore should be treated the same way that medicines and household chemicals are. Keep e liquids out of reach and sealed. Invest in a lockable box if you think this is appropriate. 

Please also consider keeping your e liquid bottles away from anything very strong-smelling such as household cleaners such as bleach. With a little forwarding thinking your e liquids will maintain their fabulous flavours so that you may enjoy a truly tasty vape.