E Cigarette Troubleshooting

This article offers easy to follow steps to help you navigate your way around the most common electronic cigarette atomiser and battery issues. Do always remember before any DIY fixes to check your warranty to ensure that by trying to fix problems yourself you don’t void the warranty.

Getting E Liquid in Your Mouth or Your Atomiser Being Flooded

This does occur from time to time and the culprit is often a low powered/ poorly charged battery or flooded atomiser chamber.
Take the e cigarette apart, separating the atomiser from the battery and the cartridge.
Place a wad of kitchen roll or absorbent tissue at the battery end of the atomiser chamber.
As if you were blowing balloons up blow into the cartridge end of the atomiser.
If done correctly the excess e liquid should be blow down the atomiser and out onto the waiting kitchen roll (etc).
Doing this once may be adequate however it may take a few goes to get all of the e liquid out.
Put the e cigarette back together again and ensure that when using it that there is an adequate amount of charge.
*Do take care not to overfill the e cig, another cause of flooding, as liquid on the battery may cause irreversible damage.

Your E Cigarette is Stuck in the ON Position

This does happen occasionally and may occur due to excess e liquid getting into the battery, specifically the battery pressure switch. This makes the switch stick, causing the problem.

Try the following steps to release the switch.

Take the battery out of the atomiser and blow into the end (of the atomiser, not the battery) until the LED activates and switches on. If you are doing it right you will feel like you are blowing up a balloon.
Repeat this action two or three times.
If unsuccessful try again, repeating the suck and blow action in the LED end of the e cigarette battery.

Losing Vapour When Smoking an E Cigarette

If you can’t resolve this issue by charging up the e cigarette battery or checking that you do have adequate levels of e liquid in the cartridge then it may be that there is a poor connection between your battery and the atomiser. Try the following steps to remedy the problem.
Locate the brass screws that go into the atomiser and clean the threads using a paper towel and twisting it backwards and forwards.
Use a fingernail or similar to get any leftover e liquid etc out and check to make sure that the contact is properly clean.
Do the same for making sure that the atomiser contact treads are also clean.
Screw your electronic cigarette together and test, providing your cigarette doesn’t first need charging up properly.