E Cigarettes and Ceasing Smoking Altogether

To be absolutely clear e cigarettes are not smoking cessation devices, they have not being manufactured for the purpose, are not marketed for this purpose and anyone selling them as a way to stop smoking should probably be avoided.That said, there is some evidence that e cigarettes are at least as effective when it comes to stopping smoking as nicotine patches are. A clinical trial conducted in New Zealand and published in the Lancet stated that e cigarettes were moderately successful in helping smokers cut down and quite smoking altogether, with similar success statistics as the nicotine patches.While e cigarettes have not been approved for use as a smoking cessation device there is no denying that the user has more control certainly over the amount of nicotine that they are subject to. Typically there are many strengths of Hangsen e liquids or juices available, low, medium and high. These levels reflect the amount of nicotine they contain with low strength e juices containing (usually) between six and eleven milligrams, medium strength nicotine levels being recorded at anywhere between fourteen and eighteen milligrams and higher strength e juices contain between eighteen and twenty six milligrams.

There are e juices available which contain no nicotine and while this does alter the taste etc having these options are beneficial to smokers who may now choose their nicotine levels based on taste or on their decision to reduce how much nicotine they inhale.

One UK survey reported that in the UK 27% of the smokers questioned stated that they had or would buy e cigarettes with the purpose in mind of quitting smoking or reducing the amount that they smoke.

Right now your doctor will not prescribe an e cigarette to help you quit smoking or as an aid to reduce the nicotine levels you are exposed to. Will these devices be the future of smoking cessation programmes? Who knows? What is clear though is that more and more people are moving away from what is perceived as anti-social tobacco smoking onto e cigarettes for a number or reasons and the main benefit of this, asides from being able to enjoy a number of new flavours of course, is that they are able to control what they are inhaling better.