Top Tips for Vaping Newbies

If you’ve already switched from “traditional” smoking to vaping, well done! There’s no doubt that it’s a positive mood and you’ll soon be seeing how much better your e smoking hobby has become.

Switching over from tobacco smoking to electronic cigs can take a little adjustment but don’t let this put you off. You’ll soon get to grips with the jargon and these top tips for vaping newbies will put you on the right track for getting started. Before you know it you’ll be sharing your own vaping  knowledge with others.

E Cigarette Device Night Care

Before you get into bed you at least wash your face, brush your teeth and get into nightwear. Vaping devices also need a little prep before bedtime. Before you retire take your device apart, removing the tank from the rest of the e cig, particularly if you’ve recently refilled with e liquid. This might seem like a thankless (and perhaps a pointless) job however it stops your device leaking or worse, something seeping into the inner workings of the e cig such as the button, and preventing it from killing off your e smoking device! Trust us, you’ll be glad you took the effort.

It only takes a few seconds so make this your routine from day one. Also, don’t be tempted to charge your e cigarette battery overnight. There are warnings in place against this, listen to them for the safety of both you and your battery/device.

Cracking Up

While you’d like to think that all vaping tanks are top notch quality, regardless of the brand or where you buy them from this isn’t always the case (the same with everything really!). You soon get to know which tanks are the strongest / last longest however in the meantime you need to be careful of what e liquid you use. Strong e liquids, for example fierce menthol flavours may cause your plastic tank to crack or shift shape. It’s important to be aware of this as most starter kits come with plastic tanks as opposed to glass. If you avoid the seriously strong e liquids (if they are likely to cause an issue, retailers/manufacturers of good quality e liquids advise of this) and upgrade to a glass tank when you can you should be ok. Good to be warned though!

Look After Your E Liquids

As well as looking after the device itself you need to make sure your e liquids, or e juice are treated with respect too. Make sure that you store them out of direct sunlight, somewhere cool and dark preferably and make sure the cap stays on. Did you know that when the nicotine in e liquid is exposed to sunlight it is weakened?

Like a fine wine some like their e liquids to “breathe” before use, to enhance the flavour. Doing this for more than a half hour however could alter the flavour of your e liquid, and not necessarily in a good way.

A real “top tip” is to shake your e liquid before each use (with the lid on). This is to ensure that the VG/PG base, flavourings, and nicotine are all perfectly mixed so that you get the vest best vaping experience the e juice allows.

Know Your Tank

If you don’t know your atomizer from your tank, or your coils from your wicks, don’t panic! With different brands come different names, styles and features. Your starter kit will come with a bog standard plastic tank (usually) so that will give you time to research what you really want to use, moving on.

A tank that fills from the bottom is the easiest to use/fill, the less likely to be messy and is just what you need to get started. That said many people never feel the need to graduate from this type of tank as to be quite frank, it does the job just fine.


Mods or modifications are big news in the vaping world however we wouldn’t advise anyone new to vaping to try these out. Firstly, you’ve got to take time out to get used to the difference between tobacco cigarettes and e cigs, explore flavours and strengths. Secondly, some of these mods are pretty technical which means that your device warranty will be void if you make changes and in other cases mods can be downright dangerous. When you’ve heard stories about “dangerous” e cigarettes catching on fire you rarely get the full story which is that the device owner decided to try and zoop-up the lithium battery past its usual capacity. Not funny and not clever.

Vaping isn’t a competition and what one person likes another might not. Take time to just enjoy your e smoking experience without the complications and complexities of mods.

Battery Awareness

First of all, batteries are dangerous. This is not something that is specific to vaping, batteries have always had the capacity to be dangerous and therefore should be respected. It is also essential that you use the correct strength of battery to fit your specific device.

Your starter battery should last a decent length of time if you let it almost drain then charge (but don’t over-charge it) and don’t abuse it. When you decide to replace it or fancy getting a second so that you have a spare make absolutely sure you’ve chosen the right battery (talk to a respected retailer or the device manufacturer if unsure).

When charging the battery, it need to be done on a suitable surface, using the right type and power-level charger. This is important as not only will using a miss-matched battery and charger combo ruin your battery, it is a very potential fire hazard. Don’t leave your battery to charge alone and remove from charge if it becomes hot as this is a sign of damage. If you drop your battery or see any visible signs of damage, get a new battery!

Much like your e liquids, make sure your battery and any spares are left well out of direct sunlight and heat (that includes being left in your car). You don’t want to be around when a lithium battery and direct heat meet as the result can be explosive.

A top tip, if your kit comes with a screw on charger (where the charger screws directly onto the battery) be careful not to screw it in too tight as it could easily be damaged.

Take Your Time

There’s lingo to learn, e juice flavours to explore and over time kit to upgrade. What there isn’t is any rush. Take your time, enjoy your vaping experience and don’t feel the need to get all technical right away. There’s plenty of time (and some really good online guides!) available to help you learn all you need to know in good time.