Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

Hands up if you are a tobacco smoker and have tried (and failed) to quit in the past? Blooming difficult isn’t it? Even those who have beaten the habit will remember how difficult it was however we’re sure they are very glad they persevered.

There are many, MANY reason to give up smoking, not least the long list of chemicals that tobacco cigarettes contain, including forty-three known carcinogenic chemicals (cancer causing) and thousands of toxins.

Knowing this (and being fed up of the high cost of tobacco cigs) is one of the main reasons for smokers to want to give up. Wanting to doesn’t necessarily make it happen overnight though which is where e cigarettes come in.

Researchers have shown that the addiction to cigarettes is two-fold, firstly the nicotine contained within cigarettes is an addictive substance and secondly, the actions and the habit of smoking itself is something smokers struggle to do without.

It is because of these reasons that many are turning to e cigs as a way to enjoy a cleaner smoke and to help them beat their tobacco cigarette habit.

First we must be clear, e cigarettes are not designed, nor are they marketed as smoking cessation devices. That said, many are using them as such, and this is why:

1.    Cut the Chemicals.
As previously mentioned tobacco cigarettes contain a horrifying number of harmful chemicals whereas e cigarettes or rather the e liquids used in them do not. An e liquid contains a PG/VG base (completely non-toxic solutions used in make-up, food production and more), nicotine and flavourings. That’s it. Switching from tobacco smoking to e smoking removes all of those chemical bad boys from your smoking habit and your body will soon start to eject them too.

2.    Choose Your Nicotine Levels
Yes, e liquids contain nicotine too which is an addictive substance. It is also the substance which produces the throat hit you enjoyed with tobacco smoking.
One of the things that tobacco smokers trying to quit appreciate most about vaping is the fact that they are able to monitor and manage their own nicotine levels.

E liquids come in varying strengths from pretty high to high, to the level you would expect to see in a normal strength tobacco cigarette and then going down until you find nicotine free e liquids. Gradually reducing your nicotine level in this way is indeed the best way to rid yourself of the hold nicotine can have on you if you want to be nicotine free, or at least reduce your nicotine levels.

3.    Breaking the Habit
A powerful part of smoking is the habit itself. The having something in your hand, the hand to mouth action, the sitting back and relaxing with a smoke. While some might ask if moving from smoking to vaping is the same as exchanging one evil for another, the answer is no.

Vaping allows you to enjoy the familiar habits of smoking without the somewhat frightening chemical count of a tobacco cigarette, without the nicotine (or reduced nicotine) and is an altogether cleaner smoke.

Can e cigarettes and e liquids help you give up your tobacco smoking habit? Not officially no, but you ask the vast numbers of smokers who have used them this way and are now enjoying a much cleaner smoke; they will tell you different.