Electronic cigarettes are powered using a battery and it is important both for the safe use and to ensure you enjoy the best possible smoking experience from your e cigarette that your battery is properly maintained and handled properly.

Charging the Battery

When charging the battery, which is usually needed every day dependant of course of the frequency of use, ensure that you only use the charging cable that was supplied with the e cigarette or one which the retailer suggests as a safe alternative. Using the wrong type of battery charger may result, in extreme cases of the battery exploding and catching fire or battery faults.

It is worth noting that while some manufacturers state that the e cigs need to be charged for twenty four hours that it may take considerably less than this, dependant on the type and capacity of the battery used. For example, most eGo batteries which are 650mAh can be fully charged in as little as three or four hours. Obviously high capacity batteries might take longer and generally speaking it is trial and error however save your battery and your electricity bill by only charging for as long as you need to.

When charging:

•    Find a non-flammable and flat place to lay batteries.
•    Charge batteries away from anything which may be damaged or which is flammable so nowhere near curtains, carpets and similar materials.
•    Remove the battery from charge once the LED light shows green as when this happens the battery is fully charged.
•    Don’t leave batteries to charge unattended or overnight.
•    If your battery becomes very hot, smells strange etc remove it from the charge and when safe dispose of it properly. Don’t try and use it again when it has cooled.

Using the Battery Effectively

All eGo batteries are dispatched in the locked position (all have a 5-click locking feature for safety).Unlocking them is easy as all you have to do is simply click the button located on the battery five times. To check whether the battery is indeed unlocked press the button once more, holding it for a minute and it should stay lit up.

Another safety feature that many e cigarettes have is that if you press the button for more than ten seconds at a time it will cut out. You do need to hold the button when inhaling so be mindful of this.

Watch for the battery button/light flashing. If this occurs and the vapour level is reduced or stops altogether the likely issue is that the battery needs to be charged back up.

Battery Safety Advice Worth Noting

E cigarette batteries are lithium-ion batteries and need to be handled carefully, both when in use and during transportation. The following points will help you maintain the life of your battery and enjoy safe usage:

•    Do not leave your battery in direct sunlight and ensure that it is kept away from area of high temperature.
•    Discard any battery showing external signs of damage or which you suspect may be faulty.
•    Do not submerge batteries in water
•    Do not transport batteries with other metal objects and ensure that they are handled carefully.

It is important to look after your e cigarette battery and accessories both for the sake of safety and to ensure that you enjoy the best quality smoking experience. If you have any concerns about your battery or your equipment discontinue use and contact your e cig retailer for advice or to order replacements.